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Scaffolding & Accessories

Universal Mason Scaffolding Frame U505M

Please Contact Our Office for Assistance in Calculating Your Scaffold Requirements.  814-899-5870

Scaffold Panels - Mason Style Frames are available in 3', 4', or 5' Height x 5' Wide.  Coupling Pins are Provided (BOLTED INTO ALL FRAMES.)

Scaffold Braces

Scaffold Braces - Riveted Crossbrace with Double-Hole Ends to Fit Both Short and Tall Frames - Providing 7' Spacing Between Panels.  BRACING IS REQUIRED ON ALL FRAME BRACE LOCKS.

Scaffolding Guard Rails - Safety Railing OSHA Rated Laminated Scaffold Plank in 8' and 16' lengths.Scaffolding Aluma Plank Platform Scaffolding Locking Pigtail Scaffolding Plain Base Scaffolding Screw Jacks

Safety Railing - Double Rail System Assembled from Guard Rail Posts, 7' and 5' Guard Rails.  GUARD RAILING MUST BE SECURED TO SCAFFOLD PANEL ( see Locking Pigtail above).  REQUIRED ON ALL SCAFFOLD ASSEMBLIES.

OSHA Rated Laminated Plank - Available in 8' and 16' Lengths, Each plank is proof tested and stamped with the OSHA certification. PLANK MUST BE SUPPORTED AT NO MORE THAN 7' OPEN SPAN.

Aluma Plank Decking - Aluminum Frame / Plywood Scaffold Decking.  7' Long x 19" Wide (3 pieces required to cover top of each section).  Duty Rating 75 Pounds per Square Foot. PLANKS MUST BE SECURED TO SCAFFOLD PANELS.

Locking Pigtail - Locking Pin to Connect Scaffold Components to Prevent Accidental or Wind Separation.  Held in Place by Gravity.  ALL SCAFFOLD COMP0NENTS MUST BE SECURED WHEN CONNECTED.

Plain Base - 5" x 5"  Plate, Attaches to Bottom Leg of Frame to Distribute Load, MUST BE ATTACHED TO EACH PANEL LEG (see Locking Pigtail below) IF NOT USING CASTERS OR ADJUSTABLE LEGS. NAIL HOLES IN EACH BASE FOR NAILING TO SUPPORT PLANK.

Adjustable Screw Jack - 18" Adjustment Screw Jack Available with Welded Plate (with Nail Holes for Nailing to support plank) or Open Leg (for Caster use).  IF USED WITH CASTER, JACK MUST BE BOLTED TO WHEEL AND WIRED TO FRAME TO PREVENT ACCIDENTAL REMOVAL.

Scaffolding 8" Caster

Casters - 8" Double-Locking Wheel, Foot Lever Activated, 360 degree Swivel.  CASTERS MUST BE SECURED IN FRAME LEG (see Locking Pigtail below).  DO NOT RIDE ON A MOVING SCAFFOLD.  WEIGHT LIMIT APPLIES TO CASTERS - Contact our office for information.

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