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Hand-Held Saws

Husqvarna Hand Held Diamond Chain Saw for rent at Grand Rental Station Erie PA

Husqvarna K760 Hand-Held Cut-Off Saw - 14" Blade Capacity,
5 hp 2-Cycle Gas Engine,  Water Attachment for Wet Cutting Ability, Blade Wrench.  Equipped with Active Air Filtration, Easy Start Decompression Valve, & Smart Carb. Approx. Weight 22 lbs.

Husqvarna K970 15" Diamond Chain Saw - Allows plunge cuts and makes sharp corners without over-cutting. Up to 15" deep cuts from one side. Used in combination with a traditional power cutter to make the initial cuts provides the fastest and most economical technique for deep cutting.

Husqvarna K760 Hand Held Cut-Off Saw Husqvarna K3000 Wet Hand Held Cut-Off Saw

Husqvarna K3000 Wet Electric Hand-Held Cut-Off Saw - Saw Specifications as Above.  Vacuum attachment replaced by Wet Cutting Kit and Built-in GFCI Protection.
Approx.Weight 20 lbs.

Husqvarna K3000 Vac 14" Electric Cut Off Saw

Husqvarna K3000 Vac Electric Hand-Held Cut-Off Saw - 14"  Blade Capacity, Vacuum Attachment (Removable) for clean dry cutting,110 Volt, 5" Cutting Depth, Electric Softstart for Starting on Normal Fuses,  Advance Overload Protection, Forward Pulling Rotation Reduces Sticking and Kickbacks.  Approx. Weight 20 lbs.

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